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Hi, I’m Yasmin! I HELP SLEEPY FAMILIES GET THE REST THEY DESERVE. I was a sleep deprived parent just like you. I tried the books, I asked friends and family for advice, and I searched the web for quick ways to get my baby to sleep. But no matter how much great information I was finding, it was useless. I was too tired to figure out how to put the knowledge to good use. I just needed someone to tell me what to do and help me do it. If you’ve reached this point, or would like to avoid reaching this point, then I would love to help you! After bringing sleep back into my family’s life I decided I wanted to be able to do the same for all the other exhausted parents out there. I trained to become a certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant through Dana Obleman. I am passionate about helping families get the sleep they not only need, but deserve. Because hey, raising tiny humans is hard work! You need to feel well-rested so that you can keep being the amazing parent you are!

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