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My path to becoming a doula was decided upon before I knew it. My childbirth interests were sparked through babysitting in high school. I volunteered at Shriner's Children's Hospital and Baystate Medical Center's NICU, where I bonded with newborns and families. I was certain I wanted to be a midwife when I graduated high school. A turn in family dynamics stopped my midwifery journey, and I relocated to North Carolina where I made several friends who had children, or were having children. While establishing life here in North Carolina, I went through two pregnancy losses of my own, which drew me to the fertility and birth world. I felt encouraged to find power in womanhood and childbirth. ​ I began working an OBGYN office in Raleigh and volunteering at a reproductive health clinic while finishing my BS in Public Health online. I moved into corporate health care while still babysitting for various families across the Triangle, uncertain where my path was taking me. It was in my Project Management role in the health care quality department of UNC Health Care that I asked myself: What does health care quality mean to me? It was an easy question to answer. I saw a need that I had the drive to meet. I wanted to increase the quality of health care for women, children, and families by assisting them in having their ideal childbirth experience. Having a newborn, whether you are veteran parent or a first-timer isn't easy. Pregnancy, birth, and parenting are on a continuum and I wanted to be able to provide evidence-based, non-judgmental support through this time of transition for families in the state of North Carolina. I am a DONA-trained birth doula who has also been cross-trained by the Integrated Birth & Family Alliance as a birth and postpartum doula. I am a private childbirth educator using ProDoula's childbirth education curriculum and I also teach at a local birth center. I am also a placenta specialist, trained by the International Placenta & Postpartum Association. Birth and Beyond LLC was born in 2017 after I received my training and certifications. During my training period, I volunteered with incarcerated women in labor and I worked for many doula agencies. Although being a doula and being a babysitter are drastically different, I still babysit a handful of older children across Wake County. In fact, I saw my first doula baby off to kindergarten in 2017! I tend to implement my doula tricks and values in all areas of my life. My family often stops and says "Are you doula-ing me right now!?" In my free time (or as I like to say - when I'm not at a birth!), I enjoy the beach, CycleBar, Sauna Therapy, Zumba, white wine, and loving on my Rottweiler. ​ I'm always looking to add to my skill set and enhance my knowledge in the field of birth work. My birth and parenting philosophy is your birth and parenting philosophy. My role is to provide education and to help facilitate safe, positive, and empowering birthing experiences personalized to the desires of you and your family by holding space, offering information, and providing support - however that may look for you and your family. Learn more about my services by contacting me today!

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