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How well mothers and children are nourished and cared for has a profound impact on a child’s ability to grow, learn, and thrive. As a parent and caregiver, you have enough to worry about. Milestones Pediatric & Maternal Nutrition is here to help you navigate how to nourish your body during conception, pregnancy, & lactation and how to feed your children as they grow. Proper nutrition fosters a child’s health and social-emotional development, while lowering their risk for chronic diseases. Milestones Pediatric & Maternal Nutrition is here to help your children establish healthy eating habits, while helping to minimize family conflicts around food. We are here to help children 0-18 years old with: picky eating, weight concerns, food allergy management, medical conditions, athletic performance, transitioning to solid foods and baby-led weaning, and general nutrition advice. Optimal nutrition has been shown to improve fertility and increase the health of both mom & baby during conception, pregnancy, and lactation. Milestones Pediatric & Maternal Nutrition is here to help you reduce pregnancy complications, increase your energy levels, and support your weight and health goals. We are here women with: weight concerns, medical conditions (such as gestational diabetes and PCOS), fertility and IVF nutrition, breastfeeding/lactation nutrition, prenatal/pregnancy nutrition, and general nutrition advice. Milestones Pediatric & Maternal Nutrition offers evidenced-based, individualized nutrition counseling to help you and your children achieve all of life’s milestones and health goals. Together, we can create a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan that meets your family’s needs.

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