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Teen Life Coaching
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Are you concerned about your teenage daughter’s development? You may be noticing that a once eager or successful young woman has begun to struggle. Perhaps you noticed her grades slipping, or that she’s losing interest in activities she used to enjoy. Is your daughter having a difficult time maintaining her friendships or her relationships with her siblings? Maybe you’ve even noticed she’s not connecting with you the way she’s been able to in the past. Does she seem disinterested in, or defensive about, her future?
Middle school, high school, and the early years of college are challenging socially and academically. The course-load in addition to the work itself become more demanding, with more riding on one’s success as each year passes. Insular pressures (“Will my parents be proud of my grades?”) give way to larger pressures with much heavier implications (“Will I be able to get into a good college?” or “What do I want to do with my life?”). Many life choices will be made in your daughter’s life between 12 and 19 years (college, relationships, relocating, first love, peer pressures, etc.). And whether they truly impact the course of her life, or she just feels like they will, it’s difficult terrain.

Coaching can provide truly effective ways to mitigate low self-esteem in your teen. The environment I provide for girls is warm and non-judgmental, and above all, flexible. We’ll do whatever works best for them, whatever makes them feel most comfortable. We can meet in their school, my office, over the phone (so they can be relaxing in their room), or anywhere else they would feel most at ease.

We’ll tackle their issues with self-esteem and identity by addressing their emotions, mindset, behavior, and spirit.

Coaching packages offered starter (6 weeks), 3 month and 6 month (pricing shown is for the starter package, which includes intake, weekly sessions, life work and check in via email in between sessions. Longer term packages offer additional services)

Virtual or In Person Cary, North Carolina United States 27518
About the service provider

I am Kamini Wood, a certified life, wellness, and teen life coach. I work with teen girls and women of all ages, leading them on their own journey towards inner confidence. Women often encounter unique struggles as they grow and mature, and we are encouraged to find our value in the judgment of others. As a woman and a mother of young girls, I know that this constant pressure to find external validation holds us back from acknowledging our inner power. I first saw these very issues in my own life— from an early age, I struggled with the urge to constantly spend my energy focused on pleasing others, never considering my own feelings or needs. But it was only when I first entered my career in Human Resources that I began to see these same issues echoed in my female coworkers. Seeing the way we all struggled with codependency, low self-esteem, and insecurity stirred something in me and inspired a deep connection. I felt called to guide others to recognize their own strength and inner power, beginning in their teen years where these toxic ideas are first imprinted on us. I am also board certified by the AADP. I am a mother to five wonderful children- three girls and two boys. They inspire me every day and show me the importance of instilling values of self worth and authenticity in our youth— as well as the need to instill those same values in the mothers raising them. My life coaching addresses four key areas: emotional, mindset, behavior, and inner spirit/intuition. I’d be honored to become your advocate and join you on your journey towards growth.

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