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Coaching For Moms
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Do You Feel Lost In Your Role As A Mother?

Are you a mother who is struggling with her identity? Are you being pulled in so many different directions that it feels like you’ve lost yourself? Perhaps you’re a stay-at-home mom whose every day solely revolves around the wants and needs of your family and your home. Or are you a working mom who is plagued by guilt, worrying that you’re never doing enough at the office or at home? If this sounds familiar, you may feel disconnected from yourself and therefore, disconnected from your spouse or kids.

Every stage of motherhood has its own joys and challenges. For instance, are you recently postpartum and feeling overwhelmed by this joyous but daunting role you’ve taken on? Perhaps your toddler or adolescent has become involved in an increasing number of activities, which has decreased your personal time from little to none. It could be that the atmosphere is getting tense with your teen, leaving you second-guessing your parenting strategies? Or maybe after seeing your accomplished child off to college, you are struggling to navigate an empty nest.

Do you wish you could stop rushing from one task to the next and instead, engage more fully with your family, and really be present? Would you like to learn how to advocate for and take care of yourself while still caring for your loved ones?

Postpartum depression is a real and serious issue that you should speak to your doctor about; but you may feel like you’re having a different experience. Often for mothers, coaching makes more sense than therapy, as you may not be dealing with a diagnosable issue but rather the management of pressures. You’re overwhelmed, you feel like you’ve lost yourself a bit, and you’d like to be able to connect to your life and your family more fully. As a coach, I have the experience and understanding to help moms take stock of their successes and pain points, and learn from them both. We’ll consider your emotions, mindset, behavior, and spirit as we work toward a more fulfilled experience. Coaching packages offered starter (6 weeks), 3 month and 6 month (pricing shown is for the starter package, which includes intake, weekly sessions, life work and check in via email in between sessions. Longer term packages offer additional services)

Virtual or In Person Raleigh, North Carolina United States 27518
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I am Kamini Wood, a certified life, wellness, and teen life coach. I work with teen girls and women of all ages, leading them on their own journey towards inner confidence. Women often encounter unique struggles as they grow and mature, and we are encouraged to find our value in the judgment of others. As a woman and a mother of young girls, I know that this constant pressure to find external validation holds us back from acknowledging our inner power. I first saw these very issues in my own life— from an early age, I struggled with the urge to constantly spend my energy focused on pleasing others, never considering my own feelings or needs. But it was only when I first entered my career in Human Resources that I began to see these same issues echoed in my female coworkers. Seeing the way we all struggled with codependency, low self-esteem, and insecurity stirred something in me and inspired a deep connection. I felt called to guide others to recognize their own strength and inner power, beginning in their teen years where these toxic ideas are first imprinted on us. I am also board certified by the AADP. I am a mother to five wonderful children- three girls and two boys. They inspire me every day and show me the importance of instilling values of self worth and authenticity in our youth— as well as the need to instill those same values in the mothers raising them. My life coaching addresses four key areas: emotional, mindset, behavior, and inner spirit/intuition. I’d be honored to become your advocate and join you on your journey towards growth.

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